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Celebrity Masterchef star Aggie MacKenzie: my first love is food

Wed 12 Oct 2011 16:28


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The How Clean Is Your House? star is currently cooking up a storm on the latest series of Celebrity Masterchef battling alongside fellow Scot Kirsty Wark.

Aggie MacKenzie joined Michelle McManus and Tam Cowan on The Hour to discuss her love of food.

She said: “Food is my first love, it really is and you know when I got kind of sidetracked into the cleaning thing that was great that was a really good gig that lasted a long time.”

“But I actually feel like I am going back to my roots now with what my first love is.”

So how has the queen of clean adapted from judging others home cleanliness to being judged herself on her own cookery skills?

“I think they’re tougher than they need to be, that’s telly isn’t it. Yes it’s really, really hard.”

“I think if you take it seriously it’s really hard.”

Remaing tight lipped when co-host Tam Cowan asked if she is crowned winner of the current the popular BBC cookery show.

Aggie replied: “I’d have to shoot you if I told you.”

Aggie MacKenzie can currently be seen on BBC’s Celebrity Masterchef and her new cookbook Aggie’s Family Cookbook is available now.

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