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Ron McCombe is the Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year

Tue 29 Mar 2011 18:50


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Wildlife photographer Ron McCombe recently won the Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year award for his stunning picture of a waxwing bird perched on a branch. His passion for wild birds and animals has taken him all over the UK and Europe and he spends hours watching and researching the animals he shoots.

Ron is very knowledgeable about the species he shoots and enjoys being outdoors observing them. He believes that the key to getting good wildlife shots is patience. He said:

“I like the solitude and being out on my own. My wife will come from time to time but she gets fed up, she doesn’t have the patience I have. People ask me how I go about it and I tell them you’ve just got to sit and watch.

“On a trip like this I’m looking for hares in particular. The hares will usually run away, you have to get yourself set for them. Now and again they will sit just at the edge of the field and not move, and that’s when the cameras are ready and you can get a picture.”

Ron’s photography includes sea birds, waders, woodland birds, mammals and rarities from all over the UK. Though predominantly based in Scotland and the Scottish Borders, trips to Finland and the USA have extended his portfolio further, and his pictures give us an intimate insight into the birds and animals that surround us.

St Abbs nature reserve is one of Ron’s favourite places to go and he spends a lot of time there in the summer. He said:

“The birds are just starting to come back in now, the colonies are building up and it’s the only opportunity you get to photograph them as they’re out of sea most of the time.”

Ron manages to gets a great shot of a kittiwake carrying nesting materials back to its clifftop nesting site.

You can see more of Ron’s work and get details of the nature photography workshops he runs on his website.

All images used are the copyright of Ron McCombe.

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