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Scotland’s biggest UFO incident to hit the big screen

Mon 05 Oct 2009 18:49


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Scotland’s biggest UFO incident is being made into a film, depicting the story of two men who claim they were abducted from their car on the A70 road in West Lothian in 1992.

Scotland has always been a hotspot for UFO and alien-based activity and now London-based DRB Entertainment is hoping to re-tell the story of Garry Wood and Colin Wright, who claim they were abducted while driving to the village of Tarbrax. Their intended 30 minute journey took an unexpected turn when a disc shaped object hovered above the road in front of them as they drove along the quiet road at 8pm.

In fear, Garry attempted to speed away under the object but as they passed underneath, light from the supposed craft covered the car. Next, they were in total darkness and their next memories were of the car veering all over the road, before Garry brought it under control again.

Gradually, they began to remember snippets of the night, from recalling small creatures surrounding them on the road to being carried on a floating stretcher and operated upon.

“I’m ever so pleased that is going to happen, for the Scottish public to realise they have their own recognisable phenomena in their own backyard.” says paranormal investigator Malcolm Robinson. “We may laugh and joke about this subject, but there is something very, very real and very mysterious ongoing in the skies.”

The A70 incident was a pivotal moment for Malcolm who's new book UFO Case Files of Scotland gives investigative information on various sightings across Scotland.

Previously a sceptic of UFOs and alien activity, Malcolm firmly became a believer after hearing from Garry and Colin about their experiences.

“I was an ardent sceptic,” says Malcolm. “I really didn’t really think there was any validity to these tales of machines flying about the Scottish skies.

“But it is like anything else in life, once you physically get involved in investigating these subjects, then you come off the fence. I found that after a few years of investigation, there’s enough substantial data to validate the people that have been saying these things.”

Malcolm also discusses two other UFO incidents in Scotland, showing pictures of the underside of an unidentified object in Grangemouth in 1991 and at Craigluscar Reservoir in 1994.

Although paranormal activity is heard of across the world, Scotland seems to have a high level of reports of such occurrences, as Malcolm attempts to explain.

“It’s a global phenomenon. They have been sighted all over the world for sure, but Scotland as a nation has been touched by the UFO presence quite substantially.

“These have been investigated and I have checked with the police, the airports, the Met Office and the Ministry of Defence to try and find out if there are any rational explanations to account for these sightings.”

Despite the high number of sightings over the years, mentions of Bonnybridge, Polmont and the A70 incident are almost always met with a wall of scepticism, with many laughing off claims that there could be an extra-terrestrial existence in our universe who want to visit Earth.

Malcolm happily concedes that the vast majority of cases are explainable, but says that there are still a small number that remain mysterious and need to be investigated.

“A vast majority can be explained as Chinese lanterns of our own aircraft viewed in the sky at an unusual angle where the light shines off the fuselage, or birds in flight,” he concedes.

“But it could be that some of these sightings are our own black-budget technology. Stealth aircraft flew in America for 10 years before the military machine put their hands up and said it was theirs. That gave rise to a lot of false UFO reports.

“Nine times out of ten you can explain these sightings. As much as 95% of all UFO reports can easily be explained away. It’s that 5% that is so puzzling to myself and my colleagues all over the world. You have got to try and keep an open mind.”

You can purchase Malcolm's book UFO Case Files of Scotland (Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters) by visiting

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