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Colin Kelly beams into The Hour with his beauty gadgets

Sun 15 May 2011 21:44


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This Friday a rather beautifully attired Colin Kelly stopped by The Hour to reveal the best in beauty gadgets, and even dressed himself in a bright pink beautician’s top to show them off.

He said: “Beauty gadgets this week, that’s what I’m looking at, and I’ve seen a few beauty therapist types in my time and this is the sort of stuff they wear, is it not? It’s a bit Star Trek isn’t it?”

Letting slip that he’s a fan of the curvier Pippa Middleton-esque rear, Colin introduced the Butt Bubbles, which cost £20.70 from Essentially these are knickers with slots in the back where you can insert foam or silicone implants to give you a bit more oomph.

There was a health and safety warning attached however: “All they do is make what you’ve already got bigger, so they don’t tone it up or lift it or make it look pert. They just enhance it, so if you’re working with something that’s not great this is just not going to be a good thing.”

Something a little more useful in your day to day life might be the A.M. Eye Magic magnets. Simply attach them to your sleepy mole eyes first thing in the morning and you will supposedly look fresh faced for work.

However, Colin wasn’t convinced by the science behind it. “The manufacturer’s a little bit vague about this, which makes me think that perhaps all is not as it seems, but they claim that it takes away some water, it relaxes the muscles a bit as well.”

Facialift is designed to take the salon experience and bring it to your home, for just £25 from Sarah Chapman. These twin rollers are pushed over your face, massaging your muscles to relieve tension in the jaw. While some people claim it takes away your double chin, others found it painful.

Finally, Colin described Safetox as a “less invasive form of botox”. To use it, you place an electrode on the bridge of your nose, slip on a Star Trek-esque head band and then let your face be pummelled.

Using it just five minutes a day, every day for several weeks, is supposedly enough to restore a youthful face. “You can really feel this doing something,” said Colin. “It’s quite an intense feeling. At the end of the five minute programme you do feel quite wide awake, alert and sharp. But you look really silly.”


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