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Lads' gadgets: Technology for the modern man

Tue 01 Mar 2011 23:55


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The old stereotype of a Batchelor’s flat filled with mouldy bread and posters of glamour girls could be about to change as gadget companies gear their attentions towards one of the most frequently ignored segments of society.

Although TV’s and Games consoles are the modern man’s gadget of choice, there are a number of technological marvels on the market that are striving to change the outdated stereotype of Bachelors.

“I’ve not been a bachelor for a good few years,” says the now happily loved up gadget expert Colin Kelly. “But I think technology can work in helping single guys find a girl!”

One common compliant often levelled at the bachelor’s lifestyle is that health and hygiene take second place to fun and games. Not anymore: with the Dyson Digital Slim Hoover men can combine the two whilst looking like a Ghostbuster!

Wireless and featuring a unique ‘sucking’ system, this handheld device is held like a gun and makes easy meat of spillages and household mess.

Colin said: “I feel quite powerful when holding this. You just pull the trigger and it’s pretty quick at sooking things up. It makes cleaning fun.”

We can all relate to those lazy mornings in bed where you really cant be bothered going downstairs to cook breakfast, but our bachelors have come up with a novel idea. The Toast n’ Egg from Tefal will cook both components of your breakfast at the same time, allowing you to complete other manly tasks such as taking the rubbish out or watching the news.

A suitably impressed Colin remarked: “This does your whole breakfast in four minutes. It’ll do toast, muffins or bagels in one compartment while the other part will poach or hard boil an egg.”

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