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Robert Burns memorabilia a big hit at auction

Wed 27 Jan 2010 18:21


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Robert Burns is well known and loved all over the world, with collectible items of the famous Scot reaching a fair few bob in auction houses around the globe.

Mauchline in Ayrshire became famous worldwide in the 19th century for making items like photograph albums, boxes, and sewing equipment.

And as Burns became more of a hit for his work, the company latched onto the Ayrshire lads association to their little village, creating items such as the Tam O’ Shanter decorated photo album which our Antique expert managed to get our hands on.

“He lived there in 1780s,” Anita explained. “In fact he married a Mauchline belle Jean Armour.

“The box makers at Mauchline realised how popular Burns had become, he was a charismatic cult figure so they decorated their wears with Burns and his themes.

Aside from Burns memorabilia, vases and pieces of pottery are often items which are passed down from generation to generation.

Jean Brady inherited a set of vases after her aunt asked her to look after the pair, which were a wedding present from her own mother in 1912.

“These vases have an Art Nouveau influence, a transitional period between 1880 and 1920.

“They were getting away from the mass produced and mechanised items from the Victorian age and going into more fluid decorations on their items.”

Assessing that the vases were not fine porcelain, our antique expert put a price tag of £80-120 on them.

John Ross has also kept hold of an old vase however, he came into possession of it at a car boots sale for the tiny sum of 50p after his granddaughters convinced him to buy it for their granny.

“It is from the 1930s but it was modelled by the artist called Barry Pittar,” Anita explained.

“He was a Kent artist born in 1880 and he painted landscapes of London, Europe but he was also a photographer, a textile designer and a modeller."

Pittar’s work is quite rare in today’s market however John’s car boot item has a little bit of wear and tear damage.

“If this was in good condition, I would estimate it between £100-150.”

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