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Fife baker creates vinyl record out of chocolate

Mon 27 Jun 2011 20:48


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Fife baker Ben Milne may be used to his friends Ziggy and Tommy making sweet, sweet music, but now he’s given it a go himself with the creation of a playable 7 inch single made entirely of chocolate.

The delicious record, which plays a recognisable version of Anti-Climb Paint by Edinburgh-based band Found, works on all record players and is completely edible. Even the paper label can be eaten.

The idea came to baker Ben when he and his friends from the band decided to do something together. His first attempt saw him pour molten chocolate on to a regular vinyl disc, but he found out that it played the reverse of the song.

What he really needed was the same template that the vinyl discs themselves are pressed from. Once Found’s management and PR company got involved, this became a possibility.

Today on The Hour Ziggy and Tommy from Found tried the record out, then tasted it to make sure it matched all the criteria and described it as “amazing”.

Ben added: “I heard that vinyl is on the increase and that CDs are on their way out, so chocolate records could be part of a resurgence and people getting their record players out of their attics.”


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