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Barbados and me: Eadie Manson’s island adventure continues

Fri 03 Jun 2011 15:59


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Part two of Eadie’s Bajan blog: the chef eats and drinks his way around Barbados meeting some of the locals along the way.

Day three: “Got up” at 6.00am, still on UK time I think.  Went down and had a cheeky wee breakfast and a chat about the day ahead.  We were getting picked up for the Cool Running’s at 9.00am, so I had 30 minutes to apply about four varieties of sun lotion.  We were filming the videos out of sync so if I got sunburnt it would make things really difficult to edit. So I had Factor 50, SPF 10 (10hr protection) and a liberal spray of Factor 15.

Got on the bus to Cool Runnings. It was basically two catamarans side by side. The one we were on had Scottish bunting and a saltire flying proudly. Had to do a link to camera and dive in the sea, and as Julyan was the only one filming, I had to do it twice to get two different angles. It was hard enough holding enough my stomach in once.

After the second dive in, when I was swimming back up to the surface, my foot hit something. I thought the water was 20ft deep so it could not be any coral or anything like that. I looked down. I had hit a sea turtle.  Don’t worry animal lovers, it was going in the top corner.

On the boat I met and interviewed Andy Adam who was from Falkirk but moved out here 11 years ago and is now president of the Scottish Barbados Society. He gave us a load of info on Barbados and was a great guy. We had to film a few links, much to the bemusement of the other people. Me and Eddie (skipper of the boat) were dancing to James Brown and they got me doing a Titanic pose on the front of the boat.  Eddie and the rest of the crew were all good guys and we got some great scran on the boat.  

Once we got back to the hotel we managed to secure an interview and performance with Eddi Reader. She was brilliant, really nice and her performance was brilliant. We ended up having dinner with Denise who was on her own, she was great banter and we had a good laugh.

After dinner we stayed for the hotel entertainment. It was a three piece drag act and for some reason I got a shout out at the start of their set. I reckon the lads set me up but they assured me it was not them. Half way through their 3rd song, one of them came over and kissed me on the cheek. After that I realised it was time for me to leg it. It was 9:50pm anyway and I was still not in the right time zone.

Day four: 7.30am, time for breakfast and we were away to get shots of the sugarcane fields and all the harvesting. Then oddly enough started filming with Daisy, a local cow. Next up was a visit to the Mount Gay rum distillery where we got a guided tour of Sherri and got to taste a selection of their rums. After several shots of tasting rum, I felt a little tipsy.

We then went to Bridgetown fish market where we bought six flying fish for the BBQ later. We got a wee cheeky lunch break so I went for another dip in the pool. Max set up the BBQ down at the jetty with the Waves hotel in the background. It was 34C and I had to go into the hotel kitchen to try and find all the garnish to go alongside the fish. Again we had to film the dish in its entirety twice.

After that we had a 10 min turnaround to get changed to head over to Jujus (remoter beach-side bar, that remote even Chris had to ask directions). Filmed a few generic links and then watched the sunset. It was our very own Café Del Mar moment.  We sat on the beach and took 10 minutes to reflect on how brilliant the trip had been so far, and how happy, helpful and outgoing the Bajan people were.  Took a few photos of the view: breathtaking.

Had our last dinner on the trip and we met Denise again, she reckoned we were not from The Hour and I was a Secret Millionaire. I should be so lucky!

Last Day:  Early rise on the last day, got last minute confirmation that we could meet Prof. Henry Fraser but it had to be 8.00am at his house. He was a nice guy and had a wealth of knowledge. This helped get our point across about the Celtic connection to Barbados.

After that Chris took us to the Scottish district. It was absolutely stunning and Julyan managed to get loads of shots to use to edit in to all the videos throughout the week. Then we went to Bathsheba, which is right on the Atlantic Ocean, where the nearest mainland is East Africa.

Went up to Cherry Tree Hill to get a shot of the last working windmill, and got a view all over Scotland district. It reminded me of home, absolutely stunning.  We headed back to Bridgetown to finish off a piece and shoot the last shot of the trip.

That’s a Wrap! Filming on the four day shoot was over. It has been the best trip of my life in so many ways (work wise, educationally) and can’t wait to see what the edited finished work looks like. Tom and Julyan have been brilliant, they have both been good sounding boards, gave me loads of advice on my presenting skills. Can’t thank the two of them enough, especially for taking a punt on me and giving me this gig. It was hard going for the four days but the reality is that I’m one lucky guy to get the opportunity and really thankful to the pair of them.

Great Banter. Great Place. Great Company. Great People. Great Trip!

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