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Tom Cannavan reveals his pick of wines with strong personalities

Thu 25 Aug 2011 16:31


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Many people think that all wines taste more or less the same and wine expert Tom Cannavan is often asked how he can pick out different flavours from different wines.

So The Hour's resident expert presented a selection of wines with outstanding aromas and big personalities. See if you can taste the different flavours that Tom can identify in these exciting vintages.

 1. Taste the Difference Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Chile, £5.99, Sainsbury's
The grapes have been hand-harvest for this elegant Sauvignon Blanc and then cold-fermented and aged 'sur lie'.  This wine has a complex mix of gooseberry and grapefruit flavours that is zesty and crisp.

There is a mix of green peppers, green beans and even the flavour of nettles on the nose. It is zingy and acidic on the palate and makes for a great accompaniment with any goats cheese dish.

2. Susana Balbo, Zohar Torrentes 2009, Australia, £10.99, Peckham's
This summer wine is great as an aperitif with a cleansing acidity and a loud floral aroma on the nose. Balbo’s Zohar Torrentes has deservingly won the gold medal at the Argentine Wine Awards.

The floral notes persist on the palate with a fresh summery acidity and a fruity pineapple flavour. Tom recommends a fish or sushi dish to accompany this fine wine.

3. Pena de Pato, Dão Red 2008, Portugal, £6.99, Waitrose
This wine comprises a selection of traditional red Dão varietes from Portugal and part of the final blend ages in oak for a year. You get a fresh red berry fruit, chocolate and spicy aroma on the nose. The dry, acidic wine has vibrant red flavours on the palate and is great complimenting any kind of meat dish.

For more wine from Tom, visit The Hour's website.


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