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Floral wines in full bloom

Fri 20 May 2011 17:55


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To celebrate the start of this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower show, The Hour’s wine expert Tom Cannavan has picked and pruned his way through some delicious floral wines.

From red rose to delicate violet aromatics, this selection of floral wines are ideal with a variety of different meals and will have you sipping summer from a glass. 

1.Tiefenbrunner Castel Turmhof Gewürztraminer 2009, Italy, £19.99, Majestic

This stunning wine which comes from the far north of Italy, instantly surprises with its notes of rose essence from the first smell. As you delve further, the rose theme continues as rosewater hits the palate which is hard to miss.

Tasting cues are definitive of rose and a hint of grapefruit which makes this a delectable wine to drink alongside Chinese or Indian food.

2. Bruno de Conciliis Aglianico Donnaluna 2009, Italy, £12.99, Raeburn Fine Wines

A tobacco induced wine, with leafy notes and firm, glossy black fruit. This lovely floral delicacy has hints of violet notes whilst a delicious liquorice and chocolate-rich fruit indulge the palate.

This Italian wine reminiscent of violets and blackberries make this a firm favourite to drink alongside your favourite red meat or pizza with salami.

3. Trentham Estate Noble Taminga 2006, Australia, £8.10, Great Grog Co, Edinburgh.

An Australian wine with adopts an almost sticky quality with lots of floral, almost geranium-like notes as well as apricot and honey.

A refreshing wine which is succulent on the palate. Tasting cues of geranium and apricot are best served with blue cheese a variety of puddings.

For more information on the flowers featured within the item, visit Mood Flowers and Dobbie’s.

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