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Tom Cannavan checks out full-bodied reds

Thu 25 Jun 2009 16:16


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This week, wine expert Tom Cannavan takes a look at red wine, in particular Shiraz and Syrah.

Shiraz and Syrah are actually the same type of wine, but it has been traditionally called Syrah in France, and Shiraz everywhere else.

However, Shiraz is often regarded as a rich and chocolatey wine, and Syrah as a more savoury wine, perfect for accompanying food.

Generally, Shiraz/ Syrah has taste of black fruits, such as plums, black cherries and black berries, often with spicy notes of clove and pepper.

Here are Tom’s top picks of this type of wine:

1. Casillero Del Diablo Shiraz 2007  priced at £6.98 but on offer down to £4.98 at Tesco
This is a Chilean wine which has flavours of mint leaves, cloves and blackcurrants, as well as chocolate and cocoa. It’s a nice accompaniment to a hearty meal such as venison casserole.

2. Reserve: Domaine La Garrique Vacqueyras 2006, priced at £9.99 at Majestic
This is another wine which is best enjoyed with a hearty meal, such as a juicy steak.
Made in Rhone Valley, it’s a wine blended with other grapes, which has flavours of liquorice, black berries, black peppercorns, fennel and basil.

3. Yalumba Shiraz/Viognier 2006, priced at £8.99 at The Co-operative
This Australian wine is a blend of Shiraz with a white grape called Viognier, which used to be used to lighten wines. It has fruity flavours of apricot and red berries such as cranberries, redcurrants and cherries, as well as floral notes.
This wine is very versatile and goes well with milder curry dishes as well as duck and lighter game. It even goes with more simple dishes such as sausage and mash.

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