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David Hay and Archie Macpherson answer fans questions to kick off The Football Years

Sat 26 Feb 2011 00:05


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This week marks the start of a brand-new series of The Football Years and were delighted to invite two of Scottish football’s most esteemed sports personalities to an exclusive fans Q&A.

Kicking off with an insight into Scotland’s World Cup campaign of 1974, former Celtic player David Hay and broadcaster Archie Macpherson answered your questions on the tournament and the circumstances surrounding Scotland’s glorious failure.

David Hay was an integral part of Willie Ormond’s 1974 World Cup squad, and can still recall the campaign with a mix of excitement and regret. He said:

“It was the first World Cup, and we were the novices, even though we qualified. We were the Golden Age underachievers.

“It was the best World squad we had. I was at seven World Cups and that was the best squad we had ever.”

The squad was made up of some of Scottish football’s most prolific and talented players, with legends such as Billy Bremner, Sandy Jardine, Kenny Dalglish, Joe Jordan and Willie Morgan playing for the team, so it’s a wonder that they didn’t go further in the group stages.

As part of the press throng in West Germany, former Scotsport analyst Archie Macpherson witnessed first hand Scotland’s dogged attempts to escape a group containing Brazil, Yugoslavia and Zaire. He also remembers the BBC getting unlimited access to the players and the squad:

“I was with the BBC, and an executive came up on a trip that benefited us,” he said. “We were sitting with Willie Ormond…and this executive produced an envelope stuffed [with money] and said he wanted me to give it to Willie. He [Willie] took it and we got access to everybody and everything, whereas the rest of the press got kept out.”


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