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Makeup masterclass: Give definition to those lips

Thu 27 Jan 2011 12:27


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Bold lip colour has been huge on the catwalk recently and makeup artist Jane Hamilton is here to show you how to achieve this striking look.

To start, use foundation on the lips to create a blank canvas to work with. This will really highlight the lips when you fill in the colour.

Now use a lip brush to work around the lip line, creating perfect definition.

“You don’t always have to follow the natural lip line,” said Jane. “If you don’t have naturally big lips or a great lip line you can create your own shape with the lipstick.”

Jane also had some tips for which colour to use: “If you have a sallowy skin tone, quite often an orangey red will work really nice and is a good alternative to a bright red. If you want to go for a really retro glamour route then adding a wee bit of purple into the red works really nicely.”

Once you have the perfect shape, just fill in the colour and make sure to get into the corners as well. As long as it’s neat you can probably pull off most colours so feel free to vary this.

A small amount of foundation or concealer around the edges can also help neaten up that lip line.

And there you have it, lips that stand out without a trout pout. Just remember to take some lipstick with you on that big night out as you will need to reapply it.


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