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Give yourself a Summer Boost with Tanning products

Wed 26 Jan 2011 07:27


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January presents a time of the year in the UK where we are all dying to add some colour to our sun-starved skin, and some of the latest fake-tanning products will give you a fabulous summer blossom.

There are a number of products on the market that can give you a refreshing shine without the risk of looking like a Tangerine. As Julie Hannah recommends, there are plenty of ways to keep you shining through until spring.

The No.7 Bronzing Silk Legs (Boots, £11.50) are the perfect pick me up and is great for that instant tan that you crave before a special night out.

“We all feel much better when we have a little bit of colour in our skin,” said Julie. “But in this weather there is not much chance of getting a tan.

“The No.7 Bronzing Silk Legs give an instant colour and is great if you are going out at night. It lasts for 24 hours and doesn’t smell like fake tan.”

Next up is the Gradual Tan from he-shi (£14.50), which is designed not just to darken skin colours but to also even out colours and blemishes.

Julie added: “I love this. It’s a gradual day to day tanner and it doesn’t smell so strong. It will even out uneven skin tones over time, a bit like a moisturiser.

For those who like their fake-tan to be a bit more celebrity, the Vita Liberata Tan Gel (House of Frasers £22.50) is used by a number of Hollywood stars and is even hogs the limelight on one of the UK’s favourite prime-time TV shows.

“This is the official fake tan of the x-factor,” revealed Julie. “So Cheryl and Danni, maybe even Simon, have both been using this on the show. Definitely worth a try if you like a dark tone.”

New Year New You

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