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Bring out those beautiful eyes

Fri 21 Jan 2011 22:52


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Yesterday, Jane from Smujj demonstrated how to use make-up to create a natural look. Now Heather demonstrates how to bring out those beautiful eyes.

To begin, cover the eyelids with a neutral colour so that you have a blank canvas to put the liner on.

Heather then applied a gel eyeliner. This is a mix between pencil eyeliner and a liquid but is easier to use, offering better control. Use a fine brush and dot the liner on. Do not worry too much about getting a straight line.

Once you get to the inner corner, try to go as fine into the lash line as you can. At the end of the lash line, make the line slightly thicker and flick it up to create a cats-eye effect.

“This really just brings the eye up and out,” said Heather. “It’s very flattering for most people’s eyes.”

Once you are finished with the liner, move on to the lashes. Strip lashes make a great impact but can be difficult to mould to your eye shape.

To overcome this, cut them up so that they are easier to handle and then use tweezers to apply them, starting from the outside in.

“Try and use as little glue as possible,” suggested Heather. “But any glue you can see. It’s easier just to get some eyeliner and go over the top, or mascara, and disguise it.”

As a top tip, use latex glue so that the lashes can be easily peeled off later.

Finally, use mascara to seamlessly blend the lashes together.


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