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New Year New Career: Drew McAdam helps four jobseekers

Wed 02 Feb 2011 22:21


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As part of the New Year New You campaign, The Hour enlisted career expert Rob Moore to help four jobseekers to get their feet firmly back on the career ladder.

Moira Thomson has been unemployed for two years, Ryan Hunter is a recent graduate, Drew Dalziel is unemployed and looking to change careers and Caron Macleod wants working hours to suit her circumstances. All four had been struggling to find work. Rob told The Hour:

“[The job market has been] a bit more positive after Christmas. There’s a lot more job adverts out there.

“The four guys have done really well. It’s been a steep learning curve all round but there have been good results there.”

Mentalist Drew McAdam has also been involved in helping the jobseekers. He interviewed all four of them and gave them feedback on their performances. He said:

“There’s more to competing in the job market than just being successful on paper. You also have to perform in the flesh. For all of us it’s not important what you say but how you say it.

“When we are anxious and nervous physiological symptoms can include sweating, stuttering and butterflies in the stomach. We get the same feelings when we are excited.”

Drew gave the jobseekers tips on how to relax during interviews and how to turn their nervousness into something positive. As a result, Ryan had an interview which went really well and Caron has gained employment as a health care assistant.

Moira and Drew Dalziel have both become much more positive and are putting themselves out there in the hope of finding employment soon.

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